Oasis Flowers of Letchworth will be at Chesfield Downs Golf Club in Graveley on 26th February, and at The Cloisters in Letchworth on 19th March.

Things to remember about Bridal Fairs when you attend:

Bridal Fairs are a great way to see a variety of exhibitors and to learn what is trending and what can be achieved on your special day.

Exhibitors are there to chat and to help you so that you can leave with an idea of what you may like. Sometimes there are 2 or 3 of the same industry ie photographer/florist, so use the time to see if you will get a good feeling whilst talking at the show.

Remember with Florists, it is not easy to present everything that we do, but we are there to show that we can provide quality flowers for you on your special day.

If you have a picture of what you like, again remember that no two florists are exactly the same and one florist cannot recreate 100% what another has done, we all have different styles.  Go with an open mind and you will get more from the shows.

Take time to chat, however, it may be difficult on the day for us to make more than a few notes and so you may want to make an appointment if you feel comfortable at that time.

Oasis Flowers of Letchworth offer a no obligation consultation over tea and cakes in my lovely workshop shown below…what better way to discuss your flowers!!

Look forward to seeing you all there….



oasis workshop

oasis workshop