Do you know what a Naming Day is and what is means?

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Naming Day celebrations are becoming an increasingly popular way for parents of no set faith or mixed faiths to celebrate the arrival of a baby.
It provides the perfect alternative to a religious ceremony but holds the same significance and marks the occasion just as well as a Christening or any other religious ceremony might.

The ceremony is led by a host who welcomes the guests and invites the guide parents and grandparents to share their promises and hopes for the child’s future. Naming Day celebrations can be held whenever you like. Generally, they are planned within the first year of the child’s life, but this is a very general guide. They can also be held almost wherever you like. Some people celebrate at home, while others choose a local park, pub or stately home. It really is up to you.

As with any special occasion, it is nice to celebrate with flowers. You may like them on the head table, around the area you are conducting the ceremony or as table decorations throughout the venue. Kerry at Oasis Flowers of Letchworth will be able to provide you with advice and guidance on floral arrangements for your event, taking in to account factors such as your chosen venue and the season you are celebrating in.

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