Recently, I had a request to run a workshop for a bride and her bridesmaid (and helpers), so that they could create their own bouquets and table centres for her big day.

We were using British Flowers that had been grown by a friend of theirs as she has a big allotment and could grow plenty of flowers for them.  So we had a selection that they could use to get used to the feel of the rather delicate flowers…

We spent a couple of hours during which time I was able to advise them how to pick, condition and handle the flowers prior to any arranging taking place.  We then spent time arranging.

They all had a great time and we then spend the day before the wedding with them making their own bouquets and the centre pieces.  This was a lot more hectic with 10 people involved, some of whom had not been on the previous workshop so it was a lot for them to take on and do….

If your considering making your own flowers then please consider the following:

  • It will look lovely if your using fresh, natural flowers but it is a lot of work and commitment on your part and that of your helpers
  • Take care to pick your flowers the day before, either early morning or evening, never in the sunshine
  • Have a bucket of water with you when you cut, the flowers do not like being out of water for a period of time and will wilt before your eyes!
  • Leave the flowers in water as long as possible before arranging to give them a good drink
  • If you have not arranged flowers before, take the time to attend a workshop or arrange one for you and your helps to learn some of the basics.  This will help you with your flowers on the day.

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